The IPS3000 Exia Pullkey system consists of a controller and can handle up to 254 pullkeys. The pullkey has a pilot contact, a pre-start alarm (PSA) with proving, and local identification of the lock-out number.

  • Lockout number indication from any pullkey in the system
    PSA sound intensity at 30cm is 110dBA
  • Dedicated addresses available for belt tear, misalignment etc.
  • LED strobe on each pullkey indicates PSA visually
  • IP68 and I.S (EXIA) / Non IS
  • Fault finding made easy with Auto Time Out modules and prevents loss of production
  • Long distances on 1 PSU for underground and surface conveyors
  • Proven Protection against lightning
  • The controller’s dual pilot relay output provides the safety interlock to the motor control centre and PLC
  • Pilot module with automatic fault finding (to prevent bridging out)
  • IP65
  • Simple 9-bit diagnostic
  • Several protocols available
  • Supplies diagnoctic information of the Pullkey System to the PLC, both for pullkey and PSA proof functioning
  • Low power consumption
  • SCADA interface



The Misalignment, Rip & Tear detector is designed to prevent the conveyor belt from drifting too far which could cause damage to the belt and additionally to detect any rip or tear in the conveyor belt whereby the belt is immediately tripped in order to prevent further costly damage.
  • Uses IR sensors (No moving parts and physical connection to the conveyor belt).
  • Robust Construction.
  • Low maintenance on system.
  • Ease of installation. (Adjustable height, angle and distance from conveyor belt).
  • Trip and alarm contacts.
  • The system trip the conveyor belt by using a lockout panel.
  • The system can be installed in a 4 x IR sensors configuration (2 sensors for misalignment and 2 sensors for belt rip detection) or a 6 x IR configuration (2 additional sensors for conveyor belt return).
  • The system can monitor the feed as well as the return areas of the conveyor belt.
  • Can be integrated into any conveyor belt system.
  • Switches and controller housed in an IP 66 Enclosure.

Input Voltage

24 – 250 VAC /

12 – 250 VDC

Rip Sensor Range


Misalignment Range

200mm / 400mm / 600mm

Relay Output (SPDT electromechanical)

Visual Output (two status LEDs visible from 360°)

Sensor IP Rating


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