The SMS4000 Analog Shaft Monitoring System is used to monitor the digital inputs on a conveyance in a shaft. Digital inputs are useful to monitor whether cage doors are fully closed and whether poles are in place when conveying material cars. The system is also frequently used as a derailment tripping device on conveyances used in decline shafts.

  • The system can be used on material carriages to monitor the presence of poles, status of doors etc..
  • System can be used as a derailment tripping device to monitor carriages in a decline shaft.
  • No dead-spots in the shaft.
  • The system is very compact and consists of a Transmitter/Battery Enclosure, Monitor/Receiver, optional PSU/UPS and Coupler.
  • Ten frequencies (channels) available.
  • Low output power (into the coupler) of only 50mW.
  • Low current consumption.
  • 4 digital inputs to monitor doors, booms, derailment etc.
  • Relay output indication.

580 kHz – 1418kHz Frequency Range

Digital Inputs


Digital Relay Outputs


Relay Outputs (Carrier Relay)


LED Indications (RSSI, Battery Status, Relay Output Status)

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