The importance of mining

Many people don’t realise the importance of mining. So many of the things we use in daily life are made by mined materials or rely on those materials to work. Not only do we use these mined minerals to create pieces of our everyday life, but mining is also an economically beneficial activity. Read more below on the importance of mining:


What is mining for?

Mining is the act of extracting minerals, metals, stone and other materials from the earth. These include materials such as copper, coal, limestone, oil, diamonds gold, clay and much more. All these materials are used in various industries to create the world around us. Construction, technology, electricity and other industries rely on mining to produce their products. Regarding technology, copper, silver, gold, palladium and platinum are mined materials that are used in the development of cell phones. Not only is mining useful for the creation of everyday products, but it is also beneficial to the economy.


Economic benefits

Mining creates jobs. These jobs do not only include positions in the mining industry, jobs are created in multiple industries – all include working with mining materials. The mining of materials allows these materials to be used to create new things, therefore creating more jobs. If mining were to stop, many industries would cease to exist. These mines also contribute to the economy by providing the government with income. If this income is used to give back to the economy, the country can grow substantially, and communities will thrive.


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